The Gals


CLUCKY  – Clucky J. Cluckington is a Golden Laced Wyandotte who lays brown eggs when she is not being broody or molting (or crazy).  Clucky is both our stupidest and meanest chicken, and as such, rules the roost with an iron fist.  Bless her heart. 





GIGI – Gigi was a Cuckoo Maran who laid speckled dark brown eggs.  She was originally second-in-command to Babraham [see below], then had to put up with the tyrannical rule of Clucky J. Crazy Feather [see above].  Sadly, Gigi passed away in August 2011.  She is much missed.




BABRAHAM – While technically not a “gal”, Babraham Lincoln was one of our original three chickens.  Babraham is an Auracana who would have laid lovely green or blue eggs were he not a rooster.  Babraham has been happily residing on Vashon Island since 2009.


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