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Two of my favorites…


Great Chickens of Cinema, Part One

Feathers McGraw is the arch-villain of The Wrong Trousers, British director Nick Park’s 1993 claymation video short featuring gullible cheese-loving Wallace, an inventor, and his faithful dog Gromit.  Spoiler alert:  Feathers is actually a penguin, but he ingeniously disguises himself as a chicken when engaging in nefarious criminal activities.  Well-written, clever and very funny, this remains one of my favorite videos from Jasmine’s childhood and I would enthusiastically recommend it to both chicken and penguin lovers alike.


Babraham Lincoln…say it ain’t so!

Not So Still Life With Chickens

Long before we ever had chickens, we brought home a German Shorthair Pointer puppy we named Jigsaw.  She is 13 years old now, but still very busy and extremely silly (as she has always been).  She has been quite a good friend to the chickens over the years–amazingly so, in fact, consider that she is a bird dog by breeding.  Once I unwittingly shut Gigi into Jigsaw’s dog run with her, only to come back later and find them both waiting patiently at the gate to be let out.

Last year, we commissioned Tina Marohn, a friend and neighbor, to paint a portrait of Jigsaw for Rick’s birthday.  (Wouldn’t you know a couple of the chickens snuck their way into the picture, as well???)  Tina has a lovely, gentle spirit and does beautiful work.  She specializes in animal portraits, but also creates stunning stained glass pieces.  In addition, for each painting she does, Tina donates a portion of the proceeds to the animal rescue organization of your choice.

Please check out Tina’s FaceBook page here!

Man over chicken…until next time.

A family favorite — I can’t even tell you how many times we have watched this.  Suffice to say, we each have our favorite frames or scenes.  Rick cracks up every time the chicken comes skidding around the corner, and as for me…how can you resist a chicken riding an escalator?

Hip Hop Wannabe Chickens (Not Ours)

The Tale of The 3 B’s is a blog Rick found when we were first researching the whole urban chicken situation.  It details the exploits of three white crested Polish chickens (I always think of them as “Phyllis Diller chickens” for those who are old Ienough to remember Phyllis Diller) being raised as “hip hop wannabe birds in urban Seattle”.  Inspired by images such as “Uncle Albert hypnotizing B Diddy” and “Lil B watching her first Super Bowl”, Rick and I felt increasingly sure that chickens were destined to be part of our future.

Click here to check out The Tale of The 3 B’s on Blogspot.