CluckyDotCom is a blog by Tilda Palmer Doughty.  Clucky is my chicken.  Her full name is Clucky J. Cluckington. 

The “J” stands for “justice”.

But before we get to that, here’s a little about me:


I was born in Bellingham, Washington and have lived my entire life in the Pacific Northwest.  After spending my first 18 years in Bellingham, I moved to Seattle in 1986 to attend the University of Washington.  College came and went, although a degree of any sort eluded me.  ((Update — December 2011, school completed!  Spring 2012, degree arrives in mail!!!))

  In 1993, my husband, baby daughter and two cats moved from our funky North Seattle rental house to a 1960’s rambler in the decidedly less metropolitan suburbs of Snohomish County.

Our rental house had possessed a tiny yard.  When I was a kid in Bellingham, we always had a garden.  My husband, Rick, and I had always talked about having a garden of our own in Seattle, but there was just no room.

Our new house had a fairly standard-sized back yard by suburban standards, but to us it was monumental.  We could finally have our garden.

What started out as one raised garden bed is now seven, with rhubarb, beets, kale, garlic, potatoes and whatever else we feel like taking a crack at all sharing space.  There are also apple, pear and plum trees, raspberries and plenty of blueberry bushes.

By 2008, the two ancient cats had moved on to a higher plane, we had added a dog, and our baby daughter was a teenager.  Still something was missing from our lives…

And that something was chickens.


2 Comments on “About”

  1. Kath says:

    This ‘about’ page needs to be printed and framed. I absolutely love it.

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