Okay…so, um…basically…yeah…I, uh…all righty then…

Fine!  I admit it—I’m stalling!!!  I haven’t been able to find the pictures I need to post the next installment of the Chicken Chronicles, so instead here are some chicken-related odds and ends.

First, check out this awesome chicken apron that my sister-in-law Linda made!  (Then be sure to click here and check out the rest of her cool stuff on Etsy.)

Our friend Paige sent this picture from the archives of Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry.  This little boy from 1928 is so reminiscent of Tristan—I love it!  There is something timeless indeed about kids and chickens…

Jasmine sent this image of a chicken sculpted from eggshells by artist Kyle Bean—very cool! 

And her friend Alysen sent a link to a site titled MyPetChicken.com with this fun fact:  earlobe color indicates egg color.  

Also, Genus Clothing, official clothier of CluckyDotCom, is now best reached via FaceBook–click here!   

And finally, just because I can—I am including my favorite picture EVER of Clucky!  Yep, that’s her on the right.  So proud. 

That's my girl...


3 Comments on “Okay…so, um…basically…yeah…I, uh…all righty then…”

  1. rosaliabuch says:

    Thank you!!! I have been waiting for my chicken fix!!!

  2. Run-DMSteve says:

    What have you done to Clucky?! O the humanity! (O the chickenanity?) But my oh my, what an apron. BTW, did you know you can play chess with chickens in Sims 2?

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