Sweet CluckyDotCom Swag! Really!!!

Rick and Jaz in their super cool Sasquatch t-shirts

This Christmas, I thought I was being super tricky by ordering Jasmine and Rick two very cool Sasquatch shirts designed and screen-printed by our friend Elliott, who recently started his own screen- printing business called Genus Clothing. 

On Christmas morning, they unwrapped the shirts and loved them (of course). 

“Elliott made them,” I explained.  “He’s got his own business.”

“Oh, really?”  Rick responded, guardedly.

“Yeah, aren’t they cool blah blah blah bet you didn’t know that blah blah blah,” I blathered on, reveling in my cleverness.  Yes!  What a cool gift.  I had done well. 

*satisfying sip of coffee while patting myself on the back*

Rick sheepishly pushed a box towards me. 

“You should open this one now.”

Okie doke.  I’m just kind of phoning it in at this point, I’m so happy with the Sasquatch shirts. 

I pulled off the wrapping paper and lifted the lid from the box.

And was seriously blown away.

Inside were a set of CluckyDotCom shirts, created by Elliott.  On the back of each shirt is a large picture of Clucky herself, in all her glory.  On the front is what must surely now become this blog’s official logo—the words “CluckyDotCom” over the actual silhouette of our Death Star-shaped chicken.

Rick, you are the master.  All hail King Rick!

And for anyone who would like to check out Elliott’s website for Genus Clothing (and order your own CluckyDotCom merch) click here!


3 Comments on “Sweet CluckyDotCom Swag! Really!!!”

  1. Run-DMSteve says:

    No fair! The link doesn’t work. Did he have bumper stickers, postcards, tiaras, and toilet-seat cozies?

    But you’re right about one thing. All hail King Rick!

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