Three Little Chicks

This is how it all began, in the spring on 2008.  Clucky, Gigi and Babraham.  This picture is a fairly typical one of our little flock on an outing to the garden.  Babraham, on the far right, was the leader from day one (for an unfortunate reason which we were to discover a few months later).  Gigi, in the center, the second-in-command and faithful lieutenant.  And then Clucky on the left, bringing up the rear, always a little clueless.  That’s my girl.


Jasmine, then 16, was inspired by a line from the movie Wayne’s World to name her chick Babraham Lincoln, or Babe for short.  Click here to watch Wayne and Garth’s “Babraham Lincoln” scene.

Rick named his chicken Gigi after Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon, the Italian soccer player.  Can’t quite remember why, but here is a great highlight reel of Buffon saves.

Which brings us to Clucky J. Cluckington.  The “J” stand for “justice”.  I don’t remember even considering any other names for my chick.  Again, not sure why.  She was just meant to be Clucky. Possibly a latent childhood memory of Lady Cluck from Disney’s Robin Hood?  She does have more nicknames than any other of the other chickens.  Crazy-feather, Clunky, the Death Star.  But those all came later.  Right now she is still just adorable little Clucky.


Man over chicken…until next time.

A family favorite — I can’t even tell you how many times we have watched this.  Suffice to say, we each have our favorite frames or scenes.  Rick cracks up every time the chicken comes skidding around the corner, and as for me…how can you resist a chicken riding an escalator?

Hip Hop Wannabe Chickens (Not Ours)

The Tale of The 3 B’s is a blog Rick found when we were first researching the whole urban chicken situation.  It details the exploits of three white crested Polish chickens (I always think of them as “Phyllis Diller chickens” for those who are old Ienough to remember Phyllis Diller) being raised as “hip hop wannabe birds in urban Seattle”.  Inspired by images such as “Uncle Albert hypnotizing B Diddy” and “Lil B watching her first Super Bowl”, Rick and I felt increasingly sure that chickens were destined to be part of our future.

Click here to check out The Tale of The 3 B’s on Blogspot.


CluckyDotCom has hatched!  *groan*

I am starting this blog as part of a writing class at the U.W., but to be fair, I have been feeling badly about the fact that our chickens didn’t have more of an internet presence for a while now.

Over the past couple years, I have toyed with the idea of a a FaceBook page for our gals, but never got around to it.  I still haven’t even figured out LinkedIn for myself yet, so that is completely out of the question.  (Sorry, chickens, those sweet corporate positions you’ve been hoping for are going to have to wait a while longer.)

All in all, this blogging assignment seems like the perfect opportunity to stretch my wings.  *double groan*

This is my first experience with non-work related blogging, generally, and WordPress, specifically.  So please be patient!  Currently I am wrestling with issues around uploading pictures…grrrr.  Suggestions, advice, lamentations are all welcome.  Gloating possibly not so much.

Wish me luck.  And get ready, cyberspace.  Here come the Doughty family chickens.